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Brrr! Welcome to the 2016 Cricket Season

posted 30 Apr 2016, 04:11 by Mike Madden

Its raining, its snowing, it must be the cricket season. First match, as is tradition, was cancelled due to no one having done anything, metaphorically or physically, to their ground. The league, in their infinite wisdom, decided to make this a cup match. So, the cup match is now the second Sunday in May. Its hard enough to get players to play twice when the season is in full swing. Second Sunday in May? Forget it. And the league also decided that some teams would get byes in the first round of the cup. This is normal practice, so that subsequent rounds can diminish participants in a logical and equitable manner until we reach the final. But that would be too easy. Incidentally, I say 'we' in the collective sense, certainly not just in the context of Whaley Bridge Cricket Club. So the second round also has some byes in it. With the proviso that the teams that got byes in the first round can't have byes in the second round. With it so far? Well, the second week of fixtures were league matches, and again there was a question of the weather. There was a vote as to whether all games should be called off. The result was 12-12. Hang on - there are only 23 clubs. It turned out that Compstall had voted twice. Bizarrely, they had voted once for and once against, allegedly! (I was not at the meeting, but two separate sources who were have suggested this). This time the league decided to go ahead, and so we embarked upon a scramble for players the like of which we haven't seen since, well, actually the last time we had to put a side out. It doesn't get any easier. What was a surprise was that the rag tag and bobtail outfit that we took to new boys Stalybridge St Paul came away with the points. Yours truly scored 60, and is mightily grateful that this week's fixtures have been rained / snowed off - yes I'm still aching. Ivan hit 51, Colin Wild rolled back the years to take 4-9 in 12 overs, Gareth Hill (remember him?) chipped in with 2 wickets, as did our 2 junior representatives Will Weston and Jack Kitchin. The future is bright...The firsts had a bit of a setback with a crushing defeat at home to Hawk Green. 

The cricket club were honoured to host the beacon to commemorate the Queen's 90th birthday. We stocked up the shop, spent quite some time amending the sell by dates on last year's crisps and chocolate (only joking!), and lit a bonfire that could be seen for miles. We also destroyed a large portion of the plastic guttering around the tackle shed close to where the bonfire was lit!

Welcome to a new season at Whaley Bridge Cricket Club!