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Saturday 13th July v Buxton (home)

posted 21 Jul 2013, 15:56 by Mike Madden
It was a hot, dusty day when Buxton 2nds came to town, and really, the cricket was incidental compared to the teas. Nevertheless, we won the toss and elected to bat on a pitch that didnt quite behave as expected.

There were cakes, cakes, as many as you could make, in the Whaley second team teas.

The innings got off to an inauspicious start as Harry Bold was carelessly stumped for 1, and when the captain was caught for 20 there were ominous signs.

There were prawns, prawns, caught fresh that very morn, in the Whaley second team teas.

Reuben Cutts was caught for 5, then two balls later Sam Slack was caught for 0 and we were 38 for 4. JJ Goldfinch played well until he was caught for 12, then Ole Madden was caught for 0 and we were six down for just 58.

There was bread, bread, different kinds with spread, in the Whaley second team teas.

Peter Crowley started to unleash some fine shots, ably assisted by Ben Williams who showed a welcome return to form, but when Peter was caught for 40 we had still not reached three figures.

There was cheese, cheese, enough to make you sneeze, in the Whaley second team teas.

Ben Stones was caught for 0, and Gibbo for 7, so at 102 for 9 Colin strode to the wicket. He proceeded to smite the ball to all four corners of the ground, ably assisted by Ben Williams who was, by now, getting the hang of it, and they took the score to 145 for 9, with Colin unbeaten on 24 and Ben on 22. It was a fine effort and gave us a good chance of victory, but more importantly it extended the innings long enough for the banquet to be prepared.

The players took their pads off and discarded unused bats
The ladies took position in the kitchen by the hatch
The table looked quite splendid with its cakes and bread and dips
The players were enchanted and the scorers licked their lips
There was even a display of cheese and pineapple on sticks
And the chocolate cake and sponges were just guaranteed to please
Exceeding expectations with the Whaley seconds teas
The seconds teas

(with apologies to Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford)

Eventually we remembered that there was a second innings to the game, and we strolled onto the field a damn sight heavier than at the start. Once again, JJ proved to be a handful, with two wickets clean bowled. Colin was unlucky at the other end, unlucky that his one hope of success fell to Sam Slack who spilled the chance. Ben Williams took the gloves and almost had to leave the field due to feeling ill. His son Ethan was ready to act as sub fielder, but Ben recovered and continued to take a battering behind the sticks. Harry Bold proved to be rather expensive, and he was unfortunate that his one hope of success fell to Sam Slack who spilled the chance.  Harry finished with five overs for 24, at which point Gibbo entered the fray. He weaved his magic with three wickets clean bowled, although the first of these was almost certainly hit wicket. Reuben removed the Buxton dangerman, clean bowled, whilst Gibbo almost claimed a fourth victim but the ball fell to Sam Slack who spilled the chance. Buxton were gaining on their target, then Gibbo threw one up in the air, the batsman skied his shot, and Reuben shouted for it. Sam overruled him, and to the amazement of virtually everyone, clutched the ball safely. Reuben finished with 1 for 9 off 5 very good overs, whilst JJ returned rather erratically, before being forced off due to injury after bowling 8.5 overs and taking 2 for 32. Ethan Williams finally got the chance to play a part, as Gibbo continued to twirl away. He claimed his fifth wicket with a caught and bowled, and at 119 for 8 Buxton were reeling. The intervention of a runner made things confusing, but some clean hitting saw Buxton reach their target for the loss of 8 wickets and with just 5 balls to spare. Gibbo took 5 for 44 of 13.1 overs, whilst Colin had 0 for 24 off 12.1. It was a wonderful sporting contest, overshadowed only by the teas.