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Sunday 5th May v Tintwistle (home) Cup

posted 9 May 2013, 14:13 by Mike Madden
The week started off with three names that we knew were unlikely to play, but we then got up to 9 players, down to 7, up to 8 and then 9 again, and finally to 11. That was the day before, when suddenly there were a few doubts. Fid could only play against Charlesworth if we were desperate, and he ended up playing a double weekend. Caddy donned his whites and a fair amount of 3-in-1 oil, to take to the field, Potty had been training all week (though possibly not at cricket), whilst Simon Hunt volunteered his services some time ago, and was happy to take part. I have to report that John Firth also offered to play, but the league frown on players wearing shorts and so that option was dismissed. Whaley were asked to bat first, possibly in the interests of an early finish, and Ben Williams set the tone for the day when he was out lbw for a duck. Caddy was caught for 9 and Nige Morten, who had to disappear at 6 on police duty, was bowled for 15. The middle order fared no better, with Ben Stones stumped for 3, Will McIlveen bowled for 0, and Ivan Heathcote bowled for 5.  As we reachec the tail, Simon Hunt was caught for 1, Gibbo was lbw for 5 and Potty was bowled for 5, including an infamous "one short" 3, but there was more to come. Ethan Williams, whose father had notched a duck, easily passed this as he reached 9 before being cruelly stumped, whilst Fid remained not out 0 as we exceeded the Charlesworth first team score of the previous day. Unfortunately, Tintwistle firsts smelt blood, and with just 62 on the board it was hardly surprising. At least there were cakes to tuck in to, and no issues with an anticipated short spell in the field. As rumours of a magnificent on drive from Russ Wild in the firsts drifted around the field (as yet unconfirmed), Fid and Ben Williams opened the attack. They could not trouble the accomplished batsmen, and neither did Gibbo or Will McIlveen, Potty was as surprised as anyone to be thrown the ball, whilst Ethan Williams and Simon Hunt also tried without success. 63 for 0 was reached in just 16 overs, but at least there are no more double weekends to contend with this year, and Nige Morten made his six o clock start with ease.