10th May 2011

posted 15 May 2011, 06:51 by Mike Madden
There are some planning issues with the new tackle shed and score hut. We are to hold a meeting with the planners to resolve this.

The outdoor nets are now fixed and ready to use.

Our welfare officer, Mrs Nici Milner, reports that junior signings for the season are increasing. The new membership forms are complete; all that remains is for one or two very minor details to be reviewed. However, more support is required to ensure the smooth running of the Under-11s junior team.

We are in need of new mowers, and we may well be able to use the England and Wales Cricket Trust grant scheme for this.

There may be a problem wit the boiler. Two of the four showers are reported to be not working. The kettle is also broken. Any replacements would be gratefully accepted.

Milly's football cards have so far raised £80 towards the cost of a water hog. It is quite likely that the club will purchase the water hog whilst the fund raising effort continues.