Many years ago there used to be a regular Whaley Bridge Cricket Club newsletter. Many people hope, and many more people fear, that this website will become an online version of the newsletter. That is not the plan. Yet!
If you would like a trip down memory lane you can find the newsletters at
More are being added all the time, so check back regularly.

In the meantime I am going to post some snippets here - just to get you started.

This is from January 1998.

Country Capers

A cautionary tale reaches us following the first annual Superbowl party for two years. Simon, Kel and Gibbo were walking home through the farm when Simon stopped to relieve himself. The other two carried on down the hill until they found their way barred by a huge black beast, commonly known as a cow. Unsure of how to proceed they retraced their steps, finally reaching a surprised Simon  who then marched on into the darkness, dismissing the obstinate creature from their path. I'd have thought that Gibbo would have been used to cows by now, but Kel freely admits that he is not used to meeting anything bigger than a dog whilst walking home.