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Under 11s Match Reports

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Chapel Under 11s Tuesday (home) 21st July 2015
Our final league game of the season saw a strong Chapel team visit New Horwich Park, and we started well as Christopher took a wicket in the first over. That was the only success for some time as the first pair took the score to 220, but Mackie struck against the second pair who reached 234. Wides came freely, but we put the brakes on in the final few overs, with Christopher taking another wicket as the score progressed to a challenging 257.

Owen and Derrin batted steadily and sensibly, adding 7 to the starting score of 200. Christopher smashed a four, and aided by some resolute defence from Rory the second pair took the total to 218. Jim was out early, but he was determined to make up for it with some lusty blows. Mackie managed a five thanks to overthrows, and we had reached 236 as the final pair came to the wicket. Harry was out twice, but Zac continued his all out attack. They added 13, and we fell short by just 8 runs. Chapel deserved their victory, but the season has continued with massive improvements throughout the squad, many of whom are now well prepared for the transition to Under 13s next season.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Birch Vale (away) Tuesday 14th July 2015
The short trip to Birch Vale was undertaken in bright sunshine, and we looked forward to a close game. Christopher Dranfield and Owen Connell struggled against accurate bowling, but they kept their wickets intact and took the total to 205. Derrin Scott was bowled, but he and Ella Cadman quickly recovered and reached 211. Freya Mason was also out once, but wides and a couple of runs from Mackie O'Boyle kept the scoreboard ticking forward to 213. The final pair of Zac Madden and Harry Jones top scored with 10 but the total of 223 looked a little on the small side. The loss of just two wickets was a positive sign, and we were confident taking to the field.

The first Birch Vale pair started well, but Harry Jones struck to keep them down to a reasonable 212. Mackie O'Boyle claimed a wicket against the second pair after a good catch from Derrin Scott, and after two pairs the home side had reached 219. Another good catch by Ella Cadman off the bowling of Zac Madden helped to restrict the third pair to 216, but the final pair were strong. They smashed a pair of boundaries, and although Zac Madden struck the stumps the bails remained intact. They reached 234 giving Birch Vale the victory by 11 runs. There were just 10 wides, which shows that we have continued our improvement in that area, and we actually took one more wicket than the home side.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Owen Connell (special mention Zac Madden)
Bowling: Zac Madden (special mention Harry Jones)
Fielding: Ella Cadman (special mention Derrin Scott)
Pair Of The Week: Zac Madden / Harry Jones

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hawk Green (home) Sunday 28th June 2015
The friendly defeat to Chapel two days earlier was still fresh in the mind for the visit of Hawk Green, and the visitors got off to a rip roaring start despite the enthusiasm in the field. The first pair put on 39, including 5 fours for one of the openers. The second pair also added a substantial score, taking the total to 266 and we were still to take a wicket. Jim Hull finally made the breakthrough with a wicket against the third pair, helped by a good catch from the excellent Mackie O'Boyle. 277 with one pair remaining, and although there were a couple of misfields and one overthrow, the fielding was as good as it has been all season. The last pair were restricted to just 11, taking the final sum to 288, a daunting prospect. I explained that we just needed one of our batsmen to hit 5 or 6 fours, and Nathan Hunter gave his very valid reason why it would not be him. "I've played for three years and only ever hit three fours," he explained. The Hawk Green bowling was even better than the batting, and Christopher Dranfield was out early on. Owen Connell was resolute, and the first pair edged us to 210. Jim Hull smashed a good 10 runs, but he was out twice. His partner, Rory Webb, sliced a single, and that ended up being half of the pair's total as we reached 212. Nathan Hunter lived up to his prediction, claiming three singles, whilst Mackie O'Boyle also scored three but was out once. Zac Madden and Harry Jones came to the wicket with the score on 215, and Harry was quickly out. The pair improved, with Harry showing a great deal of confidence for an 8 year old. Zac found his mojo with two fours, and the final pair took us to 227. It was a hefty 61 run defeat, but our squad were not downhearted after a very encouraging performance. Next up its Birch Vale who should be much more to our standard.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Zac Madden (special mention Owen Connell, Rory Webb)
Bowling: Jim Hull (special mention Harry Jones, Zac Madden)
Fielding: Mackie O'Boyle (special mention Owen Connell)
Pair Of The Week: Zac Madden / Harry Jones

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hayfield (away) Sunday 21st June 2015
After back to back victories, Whaley Bridge Under 11s travelled to picturesque Hayfield to test their resurgent form. With a couple of regulars missing there was more pressure on the senior players, and it started badly when Owen Connell was run out. He and Derrin Scott still managed to end positive as we reached 204. Christopher Dranfield and Ella Cadman were next up, and Ella was out off the last ball of their four overs. Once again they ended positive on 207, thanks to the only runs off the bat - a pull for 4 by Christopher. Freya Mason was out early in her partnership with Rory Webb, but they knuckled down and ensured that there were no more losses to finish on 208. A lot was required from Jim Hull and Zac Madden, but Zac was bowled first ball as he tried to smash one over the short boundary. Jim was caught behind, and it was a struggle throughout, though they did score a couple of runs each to take the total to 211. It did not look likely to be enough, but we wanted improvement in the bowling and fielding and that is what we got.

Christopher started the ball rolling, or in this case bouncing as it rattled the stumps. Misfields meant that the first pair reached 226, and we were already well behind. Rory Webb struck first ball, and Christopher followed up with another wicket, both clean bowled, as the second pair could only add 10. A run out in the third pair after smart work from Derrin and Owen saw just 6 added to the total, and then it was Christopher again who took the final wicket, clean bowled. The Hayfield total was 259, giving them a 48 run victory, but the positives were clear. The 26 and 25 wides from the previous games had been reduced to 15 with some straight bowling, and the discipline of passing the ball around the fielders to keep it dry and speed up the game started to work well. We have three league matches as well as some friendlies still to play, and we start with a game at Chapel on Friday in which we hope to give another three youngsters their debut. 

Players Of The Week
Batting: Rory Webb (special mention Christopher Dranfield)
Bowling: Christopher Dranfield (special mention Rory Webb, Zac Madden)
Fielding: Christoper Dranfield (special mention Owen Connell, Zac Madden)
Pair Of The Week: Rory Webb / Freya Mason

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hazel Grove (home) Sunday 14th June 2015
Heavy rain the previous day, and more showers overnight, meant that the wicket was damp and the outfield slippery as we hosted Hazel Grove. Derrin Scott struck early, but some poor fielding meant the opening pair ended positive on 207. Our boys were struggling to keep the ball dry, and wides were a constant problem as the second pair added 10 without loss. The third pair hit the accelerator to move to 240, and it was time for some stern words. Zac Madden took the only other wicket to fall after a stumping by Owen Connell, but the fielding and bowling tightened up as the last pair added just 7. The wide count had reached 25 out of the total of 247, and we knew that it would not be an easy target to chase, requiring a lot of application.

Owen Connell and Derrin Scott got us off to the perfect start, scoring 21 with no dismissals. Luke Cadman and Rory Webb, fresh from their performances for New Mills, executed their instructions perfectly, keeping the bowling at bay whilst increasing the score to 230. We were firm favourites, but Mackie was bowled and the pressure started to build. We reached 237 as Zac Madden and Jim Hull came to the crease, and when Zac fell to a very good catch behind we were still some way behind. Jim Hull started to find his range, and the pair picked up singles as we edged closer to our target. Another 4 from Jim saw us home, and we closed out on 255. It was a marvellous game between two competitive teams, and despite a poor effort in the field we showed that we are far from a one dimensional and one man team as we recorded back to back victories.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Jim Hull (special mention Derrin Scott, Owen Connell)
Bowling: Derrin Scott
Fielding: No qualifiers!
Pair Of The Week: Derrin Scott/ Owen Connell

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v New Mills Under 11s (home) Thursday 11th June 2015
This rearranged fixture was played under blistering sunshine on a hot night at New Horwich Park, and with New Mills struggling for players we gave them three of our squad, meaning we had 11 youngsters involved. Freya Mason and Owen Connell engineered two early run outs, and we were quickly on top as the first pair ended on 198. Our first loanee, Luke Cadman, was out to Derrin Scott, but the second pair added 10 to take the score to 208. Next up was Rory Webb guesting for the visitors, but he was out three times as Christopher Dranfield, Zac Madden (twice) and Ella Cadman all struck reducing the score to 198 after three. Behind the sticks, Owen was having his best ever performance as we kept the pressure on. Max Bushaway completed our guest list, and he kept his wicket intact as the final pair pushed the total up to 212, helped by no less than 12 wides. In total there were 26 wides, something the team will really have to work on over the next few weeks.

Derrin Scott was bowled, but he and an aggressive Owen Connell took the total to 217, already well in front of the Millers score. Christopher Dranfield was uncharacteristically bowled twice, and with Freya Mason also being out once the score remained on 217 after 2 pairs, with Rory Webb doing some of the damage! Ella Cadman put in an assured performance with the bat on her debut, helped by Nathan Hunter who hit out at just the right time. After three pairs we were on 238, and victory was virtually assured. With no pressure, Zac Madden and Jim Hull used their flashing blades to good effect, taking the score to 270. We won by 58 runs, and we can be proud of the performances of all of our side, as well as Rory, Luke and Max who all made significant contributions for New Mills.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Nathan Hunter (special mention Zac Madden, Owen Connell)
Bowling: Zac Madden (special mention Freya Mason)
Fielding: Owen Connell (special mention Freya Mason)
Pair Of The Week: Zac Madden / Jim Hull

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Dove Holes Under 11s (away) Sunday 7th June 2015
It was a rather lacklustre batting performance at powerful Dove Holes, maybe some of the team were still suffering from a post Whitehall hangover! Zac Madden and Jim Hull avoided any dismissals, but with only 2 runs off the bat they did well to reach 210. Nathan Hunter and Mackie O'Boyle were both out twice and we slipped to 195, then Freya Mason was out once, but Derrin Scott's aggressive batting ensure we only dropped 1 run to 194. Christopher Dranfield batted beautifully, and although Owen Connell tried to support him he was out twice leaving our final total on 199.

When Dove Holes batted it soon became clear that they were in a different league. The first pair added 15, despite wickets for Christopher and Jim, then the second added 18 with no dismissals. The fielding was impressive, with Mackie stopping everything that came his way, Freya very alert on the square and Zac showing good anticipation in the deep. Wickets were needed, and we got three against the third pair, with Freya, Derrin and Nathan all striking. The score was on 244, and it moved rapidly to 265 as the final total, though Jim straightened up from his wayward 1st over to claim his only victim of the day. There were again positives to take out of the 66 run defeat, including the improvements that happened as the game progressed. We have two potentially easier fixtures this week, and with an extra practice session scheduled for Tuesday there may be better times ahead.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Christopher Dranfield (special mention Derrin Scott)
Bowling: Derrin Scott (special mention Freya Mason)
Fielding: Mackie O'Boyle (special mention Freya Mason, Zac Madden)

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Buxton Under 11s (away) Tuesday 26th May 2015
Ah, the joys of Buxton on a late spring / early summer evening. The wind was blowing a gale that would have raised a warning on Dogger Bank, and the temperature was of the kind that sees Bear Grylls frantically trying to get a fire lit. The blustery conditions were not ideal for batting, and Zac Madden and Derrin Scott added just 6 runs. However, that proved to be our highest partnership, and Zac's two proved to be the highest individual score. Christopher Dranfield batted with great technique, whilst trying to nurture newcomer Theo Cubitt through a somewhat traumatic experience. Theo was out twice, and the pair finished on 202. Next up was Mackie O'Boyle with another debutant, Rory Webb. Rory was also out twice, and again the score slipped by 4 to 198. Finally, Alfie Cubitt joined Owen Connell against a fearsome attack. The Buxton wicketkeeper was now bowling at a good pace, and Owen bravely fought him off. Both batsmen were out once, and the final score was 194.

Buxton started well, helped by many wides, and the first pair were already out of sight at 216. The second pair lost wickets in consecutive balls, clean bowled by the much improved Mackie O'Boyle, whilst another wicket fell to a run out that was again down to Mackie. Unfortunately, plenty of extras saw the score progress to 227. Rory and Alfie chased plenty of balls in the field, whilst Christoper Dranfield showed good anticipation in the outfield. Christopher got a wicket clean bowled, but the third pair reached 241, then the final pair looked like running up a huge total. Zac Madden prevented a certain four with a stop that many of the senior second XI would do well to copy, and there was a run out to stem the flow, but Buxton ended on 267 and a 73 run victory. On the positive side, three more youngsters have now experienced hard ball cricket, and in Mackie we have found another useful bowler. The batting continues to defend well, we just need to produce some big hitting on occasions.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Owen Connell (special mention Christopher Dranfield)
Bowling: Mackie O'Boyle (special mention Christopher Dranfield, Derrin Scott)
Fielding: Rory Webb (special mention Christopher Dranfield, Alfie Cubitt, Zac Madden)

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v HIgh Lane Under 11s (away) Sunday 17th May 2015
Whilst the Whaley Bridge Under 15s have been described as sharks and wildebeest in recent weeks, the Under 11s are more like playful puppies, always eager to please and happy chasing a ball either with bat or in the field. High Lane were a team much closer to our own ability and experience than Compstall, and we arrived on a blustery and rather chilly morning. Zac Madden and Owen Connell took the score to 216, whilst Nathan Hunter and newcomer Luke Cadman added 8, despite Nathan being out once. Our second debutant, Mackie O'Boyle, was also out once, but he and Christopher Dranfield still added 10 to take us to 234. Derrin Scott, aided by the power hitting of Jim Hull, smashed us to 256, and it was a challenging target for our hosts.

High Lane started confidently, but Zac Madden struck with a wicket clean bowled. There followed a run out thanks to quick work by Jim Hull, and a wicket for Derrin Scott clean bowled, so the first pair were restricted to 208. A wicket for Christopher Dranfield, clean bowled, as well as a run out that was all down to the same bowler could not prevent the second pair from reaching 230, and High Lane were favourites. Mackie O'Boyle was struck on the foot and knee, but he bravely soldiered on in the true spirit of this never say die team. Zac Madden got another wicket clean bowled, and there were more run outs with Zac Madden and Owen Connell heavily involved, so after three pairs the pendulum had swung back in Whaley's favour with High Lane on 233. Some very tight bowling, and more excellent fielding saw two more wickets fall, and High Lane finished on a highly creditable 241. It was a Whaley Bridge victory by 15 runs, and we look forward to playing James McCarthy's team in a friendly later in the season.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Jim Hull (special mention Zac Madden)
Bowling: Zac Madden (special mention Christopher Dranfield, Nathan Hunter)
Fielding: Mackie O'Boyle (special mention Jim Hull, Owen Connell, Zac Madden)

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Compstall Under 11s (home) Sunday 11th May 2015
It was a very strong Compstall side that Whaley Bridge Under 11s welcomed to New Horwich Park, but Whaley got an early breakthrough after a great catch by Zac Madden off the bowling of Jim Hull. A run out followed, and after 4 overs Compstall had reached just 214. The second pair steadied the ship, adding 23, but Nathan Hunter struck against the third pair with a wicket clean bowled. However, that did not stop the visitors from taking the total to 257. The final pair were Compstall's best, and they smashed the total to 302, a daunting task for the inexperienced Whaley side.

Derrin Scott was bowled by a very fast delivery, but together with Owen Connell they kept the score positive on 202. Freya Mason, on her debut, was run out and caught behind, but she and Jim Hull managed to keep the score at 202. Nathan Hunter tried to smash the ball to all parts, whilst Christopher Dranfield played very straight. Unfortunately, Crimbo was bowled and the score dropped to 201. Zac Madden and Hugo Roberts started well, with Zac playing a glorious cover drive for the only four of the innings, but both were caught behind. The innings ended on 201, a 101 run defeat, but we will not face teams as strong as Compstall every week.

Players Of The Week
Batting: Christopher Dranfield (special mention Zac Madden, Nathan Hunter)
Bowling: Nathan Hunter (special mention Jim Hull)
Fielding: Zac Madden (special mention Freya Mason, Christopher Dranfield, Hugo Roberts)

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Birch Vale Under 11s (home) Sunday 22nd June 2014
Fresh from victory against Buxworth, the under 11s closed out their season at home to Birch Vale. It didn't start well as Birch raced to 237 after one pair, and the absence of David and Dan looked like it might be significant. However, we have used 15 players in the under 11s this season, and every one of them has contributed whenever they have been called upon. This time it was Joe Kitchin and Jim Hull who made breakthroughs, reducing the visitors' total to 233 after 2 pairs. Derrin Scott struck against the third pair as he score crept up to 239, then Elliott Mills and Joe Kitchin again ensured that the final total was 243, and not significantly more. It was a good fielding performance, particularly from Zac Mason who took a catch behind the stumps.

It was a hostile bowling attack that greeted James Foxton and Elliot Mills, and although James was bowled once we still managed to maintain our starting score of 200. Owen Connell and Jim Hull were out once each as we slipped to 199, but Joe Kitchin and Derrin Scott kept their wickets intact and took the total to 211, which left a big ask as 'Zac power' came in fourth pair. The game plan was to take quick singles and hit the bad ball, and it started well. Zac Mason hit a succession of fours, whilst Zac Madden dropped the bat on it and ran, keeping the scoreboard ticking over. The crowd rose to a crescendo as the scores drew closer. The last over brought overthrows, wides, good running, good batting and good fielding. When the final reckoning was done Whaley Bridge had triumphed by three runs in a tremendous game that neither side deserved to lose. We ended the season with back to back wins, the first time this group of players have achieved that, and with some friendlies to come it has been a great end to the season.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Buxworth Under 11s (home) Tuesday 17th June 2014
The under 11s didn't win many games last season, but one that they did triumph in was at Buxworth, so they were feeling quietly confident for this match. Rumours of Buxworth unearthing a couple of quick bowlers did nothing to dampen the spirits, though a few wides against the first pair did as Buxworth progressed to 214. Another 9 were added by the second pair and we had still not taken a wicket, but that was about to change. Dan Bushaway struck first with a wicket clean bowled, and then Zac Madden took a fantastic catch off his own bowling as the third pair remained on 223. The final pair benefited from more wides, and the total of 234 was a few more than we would have liked. James Foxton and Dan Bushaway got us off to a great start, with Dan in particular batting freely whilst James confidently kept out the Buxworth opening pair. 217 was a great start, but then Jim Hull was bowled to set us back. Owen Connell and Jim went about rebuilding a score, and Jim struck a four to end the second pair on 224. Joe Kitchin and Nathan Hunter suffered a setback when Joe was out, but they again batted well after this to take us to 231, as Zac power (Madden and Mason) came to the wicket. Zac Mason seemed content to give the strike to Zac Madden, and although there was the temptation to edge ahead and keep it there, our final pair threw caution to the wind. They added 16 to take us to 247, and a well deserved 13 run victory.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Buxton Under 11s (away) Sunday 15th June 2014
Buxton have always been strong at this age group, and this year was no exception. On a grey day we batted first  and Dan Bushaway and Stuart Diamond added 8 for the first pair. Zac Mason and Max Cubitt took us to 218, then Elliott Mills and Ed Diamond added another 10, despite Elliott being out once. Zac Madden and newcomer Christopher Dranfield scored well, but Crimbo was out five times to reduce us to 219. It was a gutsy performance, but never quite looked like being enough. Stuart Diamond claimed the only wicket to fall, against the first pair, but the score advanced to 230. Our boys tried everything they could in the field, but couldn't prevent the total from racing to 240, 264, and eventually 295. It was a heavy defeat, but once again our boys were heartened by their own improving performances.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Dove Holes (home) Friday 6th June 2014

After a fabulous win at Chapel the boys came up against a Dove Holes team that cant remember when they last lost, but it was a creditable performance.  There were no dismissals in the first three Dove pairs, but some excellent fielding restricted the score to 267. Unfortunately Dove appeared to have saved the best until last, and although there were wickets for Dan Bushaway, Elliott Mills and newcomer Ed Diamond, the score still advanced to 299. The bowling was as hostile as our boys have faced, and David McCann and Dan Bushaway did well to be only out once each. They both scored freely, and the score was still on 200 as they exited. Another newcomer, Stuart Diamond, partnered Elliott Mills, and they pushed us into positive figures on 206. Ed Diamond and Derrin Scott also finished positive on 212 despite Derrin being out once, and then Max Cubitt and Joe Kitchin faced a very quick bowler. Joe was out first ball, but Max steadfastly refused to budge, showing a straight bat to every delivery. Joe hit a 4 to take us positive, and we ended on 214. Although it was a heavy defeat, there is once again progression that can be seen, and we look forward to the final three games of the season with a good deal of confidence.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Chapel (away) Sunday 1st June 2014

The steady improvement in the Under 11s was clear to see during the visit to Chapel. Batting first the emphasis was on keeping wickets intact, and Zac Mason and David  McCann did this admirably as they took the score to 160 (for some reason we started at 150 this week). Elliot Mills was bowled, but he and James Foxton picked up a couple of wides as we slipped to 157, then Jim Hull and Owen Connell moved us to 165. Dan Bushaway and Joe Kitchin batted very sensibly, adding another 8 without loss, so we finished the innings on 172 with just one dismissal. Chapel started cautiously, helped by a number of wides, but when James Foxton struck the score had only progressed to 155. Jim Hull bowled best of all, and took two wickets against the second pair who managed to add just 1 to the total, then he struck again against the third pair as the score reached 159. Chapel had saved the best until last, and with two balls remaining the scores were level. Dan Bushaway bowled to an aggressive batsman, but the ball went up in the air. Dan positioned himself under it and took a fine catch, reducing the final total to 167 and giving Whaley Bridge a 5 run victory. There is still room for improvement in terms of reducing the number of wides and increasing the number of runs off the bat, but for now our boys can revel in the first triumph of the season.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hayfield (home) Thursday 22nd May 2014

The heavy defeat to Hawk Green was not without its benefits, and lessons were most definitely learned for the visit of Hayfield. Traditionally a strong club, Hayfield batted first and we made immediate inroads. Zac Madden took a wicket clean bowled and Derrin Scott persuaded the batsman to chase a wide one and he was caught by Zac Mason behind the stumps. The score was on 202 after one pair, but the second pair turned things around with a partnership of 37. Whaley fought back, but the third pair still added 18, whilst Dan Bushaway's wicket against the last pair restricted the final total to 271. Zac Madden and David McCann opened cautiously against some hostile bowling, but they kept their wickets intact in reaching 213. Owen Connell was the first victim of the innings, but he and Derrin Scott still progressed the score to 219, whilst Max Cubitt and Zac Mason got a single each, to huge roars from the crowd, as the score reached 224. Joe Kitchin was determined to attack from the off, and although Dan Bushaway was out once, the final pair added another 12 to take us to 236, a total that would have been victorious in many games. Every pair came off with a positive score, and there were just two dismissals in 16 overs. It bodes well for the future, and the games come thick and fast after half term.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hawk Green (away) Sunday 18th May 2014

This was always going to be a difficult fixture, but we started well enough with David McCann smashing an early four. Zach Mason was out once as the first pair kept us positive on 204. Zac Madden and Dan Bushaway did even better, keeping their wickets intact and moving us on to 213. Unfortunately Hawk Green then turned up the heat as Max Cubitt was out once and James Foxton twice, and we were back to 203. The final pairing of Owen Connell and Derrin Scott had a day to forget, both being out three times, and we finished the innings on 177. Hawk Green started off strongly, and our fielding was not at its best, with the notable exception of Owen Connell who set the standard. The first pair added 41 without loss, whilst the second put on another 13 as Whaley gained some semblance of control. Another 8 runs came from the third pair, as James Foxton bowled an exceptional over, then it was a six hitting fest as the home side's star man smashed the ball to all sides of the ground. We could have despaired, but Zac Madden conjured a wicket as David McCann took a good catch giving us a very positive note on which to end the day. Hawk Green amassed 306 runs, but our opposition will not be as strong as them every week.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hazel Grove (away) Sunday 4th May 2014

The warm glow of sunshine and the sweet smell of bacon and sausage greeted the under 11s when they arrived in Hazel Grove, but it was a much stronger Grove side than they one that succumbed last season. Dan Bushaway and David McCann got off to a nervous start, with Dan being caught twice. They recovered well, but Davd was bowled and the score reduced to 187. Elliott Mills is proving to be a very decent player, and he and James Foxton ensured that there were no wickets for the second pair as the score progressed to 194. The consistent Grove bowlers were proving difficult to get away, but Zach Mason managed a couple of singles. His partner, newcomer Max Cubitt, struggled a little but was only out once as we edged forward to 195 when the last pair came in. Joe Kitchin was out twice and Zac Madden once, and the innings closed on a disappointing 189. Despite the negative score our boys were full of beans as they went out to field, rolling around in the outfield. Zac Madden and Elliott bowled straight enough, but it was David McCann who took the first wicket with his very first ball. The first pair took the score to 219, but the team spirit within our ranks was excellent, with every stop being cheered as if we had won the game. There was a huge roar as Max took his first ever wicket, and when Elliott took another the second pair had only added 4. Joe and Dan took a wicket each as the third pair also added 4. Zac Madden chased a ball all the way to the boundary for a magnificent stop, whilst Dan seemed to cover every blade of grass as we fought to the end, and David got 2 well deserved wickets against the final pair. Dan also got another wicket as the home side finished on 233, and although it was a heavy defeat our inexperienced team are showing that they are quick learners, and we look forward to the visit of Hayfield next week.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v New Mills (home) Friday 2nd May 2014

It was another cold one as Whaley Bridge Under 11s kicked their season off at home to New Mills. It was a good start as Zac Madden, Joe Kitchin and Derrin Scott all took a wicket in their first overs to restrict the visitors to 199 after 1 pair. Nathan Hunter then struck in his first over, whilst Elliott Mills dismissed two, and at the half way stage New Mills were still on 199. The wickets dried up a little, but Joe and Elliott got another each as the third pair took the total to 219, but then a distinct lack of concentration kicked in and New Mills finished their innings on 247. It was a decent target and we needed a good start. Zac Madden and Jim Hull started well, but Jim was bowled to leave us on 211. Nathan and Joe tried to swing the willow, but they were out five times between them, and this reduced us to 206. Elliott Mills and Owen Connell batted very well, without getting out, and that put us level with New Mills at that stage on 219. Derrin and wicketkeeper Zac Mason were next up, and they were out once each as the run chase got hectic. We finished on 222, 25 runs short, and there is plenty to work on over the summer weeks.
Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Buxworth Under 11s (away) Sunday 7th July

The last league match of the season for the under 11s turned out to be a 9 a side contest, with both managers agreeing to let their extra man participate fully in a 20 over game. Jared Wild and Tom Heyes got off to a shaky start, with Jared out twice and Tom involved in a disastrous run out, but they quickly redeemed themselves. Jared hit the first six of the season, and as their partnership closed they had taken the score to 203.

Tyler Arnfield was out once, but he ably supported Matt Baldwin who was happy to take the lead. Our second pair added 10, and we were comfortably positive on 213. Daniel Hunter and Zac Mason were inspired in their running between the wickets, but just as Zac announced that he had not yet been out he was bowled off the last ball. However, their all action partnership was still in credit as we reached 220. Craig Stephen batted sensibly partnered with Josh Lomas, and he left it to Josh to play some marvellous shots all around the ground. This was our highest partnership, as they took the score to 242. Josh stayed in as Zac Madden came to the crease, and this time it was Zac who was the highest scorer. They added 11 without getting out, and after 20 overs we had reached a very good total of 253.

The improvement was plain for everyone to see, but could they keep it going in the field, with the temperature already rising on a very hot day?

Buxworth's first two pairs were steady, and although we did not take a wicket, we only gave away four wides as the score moved on to 216. Tom took a wicket against the third pair, as the score progressed to 217. There were some very close calls in the field as our boys ran around enthusiastically, supporting each other and backing up every throw. It was a joy to behold as Daniel took a wicket against the fourth pair, so with just 4 overs remaining the score was on 225. Whaley remained cool and calm in the heat, and although the inevitable onslaught came, there was just one wide in the last pair's innings, leaving Buxworth eleven runs short on 253. Daniel Hunter was given the man of the match, but any one of the nine could have taken that particular award. Both teams played some good cricket, and it was great to see the season come to an end with a massive improvement and our best performance.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Buxton Under 11s (away) Friday 21st June 2013

It was the longest day, and it certainly seemed like it as our under 11s travelled to Buxton. The league somewhat churlishly had already awarded the game to Whaley Bridge as the original fixture was postponed long ago, so this was essentially a friendly. We took the opportunity to blood some of our less experienced players, with two youngsters making their debut. Unfortunately, Buxton took the opportunity to strengthen their team with a couple of under 12s. With Tuesday's extra training session rapidly fading from the memory of our boys, Jared Wild and Zac Madden opened. Zac was out twice and Jared once as we were reduced from 150 to 142. Tom Heyes started well but was out once, whilst debutant Elliot Mills was out twice as we dropped further to 137. Max Harrison, our other newcomer, was also out twice, but his partner, Josh Lomas, hit some lusty blows. He was out once but the pair managed a positive score as we progressed to 139. Zach Mason and Joe Kitchin were each out once, but we did register a few wides and finished the innings on 137. We were still confident as we took to the field, and a direct hit from Tom Heyes saw us get our first wicket of the innings. Unfortunately that also proved to be our last wicket of the innings, and the first pair eased to 159. The bowling was certainly straighter than in recent weeks, but the hitting was powerful and the second pair added 28. The third pair topped this by scoring 30, and at this point a team talk was in order. The players responded magnificently, and all of a sudden they realised that they were in the game on every delivery. The fourth, and older, pair added 46 taking the final total to 263. It was a crushing defeat, with our lads taking plenty of lessons to learn before their next game.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Chapel Under 11s (away) Sunday 15th June 2013

The short trip to Chapel gave our youngsters the chance of a second victory, andTom Heyes and Craig Stephen got us off to a good start until Tom was caught behind off the last ball of the pair. This dropped us down to 207, but Josh Lomas and debutant Tyler Arnfield boosted the score to 224. Zac Madden was also caught behind, but he and Jared Wild took us to 233. Daniel Hunter and Zac Mason were bowled in the same over, but they also managed a few singles to leave the final total on 233. Josh Lomas took an early wicket as the Chapel openers were restricted to 205, but that was the end of our success as the second pair added 12. The third pair added another 8, whilst the final pair, including a very talented "guest", raced along to 242. With a little more luck, for instance Zac Madden rattled the stumps but the dislodged bails failed to fall, we could have won, and the signs of improvement are there for all to see.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v New Mills Under 11s (home) Sunday 8th June 2013

New Mills brought a strong Under 11s side to New Horwich Park, but our boys made a good start as the first pair were restricted to just 5 runs, with Daniel Hunter taking a wicket. The second were much more explosive, and despite a wicket for Josh Lomas they still pushed on to 249. The third pair added another 34 without loss, whilst the fourth pair took the final total to 305, which could have been worse but for a wicket each for Jared Wild and Tom Heyes. It was always going to be a tough task, and Tom Heyes and Matt Baldwin tried hard to get the score moving. Unfortunately, Tom was out once and Matt twice as we ended the first pair on 201. Josh Lomas and Daniel Hunter were out once each as we inched forward to 205, then disaster struck as Zac Mason and Sam Dullehan came up against some very hostile bowling. They were both out three times as we slipped to 188, but I have to mention the bravery of young Zac who insisted on carrying on despite a painful blow to the hand. Aneirin Ankrett was out twice on his debut, but he did strike a boundary, whilst his partner Jared Wild smashed 15. We finished on 208, giving our visitors a healthy 97 run victory. It was a disappointing day, but our side are certainly learning valuable lessons, including the key one of not getting out.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Birch Vale Under 11s (home) Sunday 26th May 2013

The sausages sizzled
There was bacon on the griddle
You could taste the aroma
As far as the Cat And Fiddle

Red sauce brown sauce
Mustard if you please
White coffee, black coffee
Different kinds of teas

Ladies in their pinafores
Not a hint of rain
Thanks you for your custom
And please come back again

Sunday mornings have taken on a busy and marvellously scented air at Whaley Bridge as the parents of the under 11s have come together with a truly communal spirit to rustle up a variety of breakfast comestibles. Bacon and sausage muffins sold like hot cakes, all washed down with copious amounts of piping hot tea and coffee, though it looks like the Earl Grey will have to wait another two weeks to get an outing.

On the pitch the team were struck by the holiday season, with a lot of youngsters unavailable. However, we managed to get a team of six, and then seven, and moments before the start Matthew Baldwin became our eighth man. We fielded first, and although visitors Birch Vale had quite a young side themselves, they started confidently. Their first pair added 19, helped by 6 wides, whilst their second pair managed just 11, 10 of which came from our wayward bowlers. Josh Lomas finally took a wicket after another good catch from Jared Wild, but this didn't stop the score from progressing to 239, whilst the final pair were given 10 extras as they took the final total to 258. 31 wides and no balls is a huge amount, and it proved to be costly.

Josh opened the batting with Craig Stephen, and they both scored well without getting out to take us to 215. Tom Heyes and newcomer Matthew were going along nicely until Tom was bowled, so we were back on 220. Zac Madden and another debutant, Jim Hull, kept their wickets intact without scoring, but they did benefit from 4 extras, so with one pair remaining we needed 35 to win. Jared Wild did his best, accompanied by another newcomer, and youngest member of the team, Derrin Scott. Derrin was out twice, but Jared was determined and eventually took us to 238. We lost by 20 runs, and we lost the extras count by 31 to 18. Plenty to work on on Friday night (weather permitting), in preparation for the visit to Buxton next Sunday.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hazel Grove Under 11s (away) Sunday 19th May 2013

Hazel Grove Under 11s had a good record until Whaley Bridge came to town on a surprisingly sunny Sunday morning. Snowy lit the barbeque (actually an Aldi grill that will soon be seen to good effect at Whaley), and the Sunday morning sound and smell of sizzling bacon kept the spectators happy. Josh Lomas and Tom Heys scored freely, and despite Tom being run out and bowled we still reached 215. Craig Stephen and Daniel Hunter were each out once as we were reduced to 212, but Jared Wild and Zac Madden looked very solid. Jared hit two lusty blows and there were no dismissals, so with one pair remaining we were on 233. Zach Mason and Sam Dullehan were also both out once, but Sam in particular hit out enthusiastically as we finished on a creditable 231. The half time team talk was all about the second team captain (and under 11s manager)'s catch from yesterday, and it was certainly inspirational. Tom took a wicket in his first over, as did Josh, with Jared taking the first of his three fabulous catches. With one pair gone the score was on 202, and with two wickets against the second pair it was even worse for the home side as they slipped to 201. Jared was in fine form, clutching anything that was airborne, whilst Sam Dullehan used every possible thing at his disposal to stop the ball behind the stumps. The third pair improved things as they suffered just one dismissal and advanced to 211, whilst the fourth pair threatened briefly until Tom took a wicket. The home side played a very sporting game, as did Whaley, and we just about deserved to come out on top by 15 runs. The most impressive thing was the improvement shown throughout the team, though there is still plenty to work on at training. However, after their first win there is a new wave of confidence spreading throughout the team ready for the visit of Birch Vale next week.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hawk Green Under 11s (home) Sunday 12th May 2013

Its fair to say that our under 11s were outclassed by a very strong Hawk Green side, but they still gave a good account of themselves. The first Hawk Green pair rattled their way to 23, and although we managed two wickets against the second pair, the score still progressed to 243. There was a chance of a comeback as we took another wicket against the third pair, restricting them to just 7, but the final pair accelerated strongly. We took one wicket, but the batting total of 274 was always a challenging one. Josh Lomas and Tom Heyes faced the fastest bowler of their age group, and despite Josh being out once they still reached 202. Craig Stephen was hampered by two dismissals,  but he and Daniel Hunter managed to keep the score at 202.Joe Kitchin was also out twice, which meant that he and Zac Madden took the score to 199, then Zac Mason was out three times, ably assisted by Zac Mason who was out once, and we ended up on 184, a hefty 90 run defeat. On the plus side, the bowling and fielding showed a big improvement, and our first victory must be just around the corner.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v High Lane (away) Sunday 5th May 2013

The Under 11s travelled to High Lane on a day when the sun threatened to shine through, and we were confident of a result against a very young High Lane side. Josh Lomas and Dan Hunter opened up with 6 and 9 runs respectively, but both were out once as we reached 209. Rising star Tom Heyes smashed 17, whilst Joe Kitchin added 3. Unfortunately Joe was out once as we reached 228. Zach Mason and Nathan Hunter both batted solidly without scoring, and Zach was out once as we dropped to 227, then Zac Madden and Ben McIlveen kept their wickets intact without scoring as we progressed to 230. This total included 15 wides, a crucial factor in the game. Josh, Tom, Daniel and Zac Madden bowled well, but it was only Zac who took a wicket clean bowled as the High Lane score advanced to 208. Joe, Ben, Nathan and Josh again couldn't dislodge the second pair, and they took the score to 227. Josh got a fantastic run out against the third pair, whilst Tom also managed 2 wickets, but with six wides and four no balls the score only dropped to 223. Zach Mason came out from behind the stumps to bowl at the last pair, and although they did not score, seven wides put the scores level with one over to go. Zac Madden took the ball and bowled five deliveries that came very close to dislodging the stumps. Unfortunately the sixth was harshly adjudged to be wide by the umpire and High Lane were ahead. The last ball was safely left by the batsman, and High Lane won by 1 run. In the final analysis, we probably outplayed the home side in all facets of the game, except wides. We gave away 26, as well as 8 byes from wild deliveries, and that ultimately cost us victory. We host the might of Hawk Green next week, so lets hope our boys have sorted their bowling radars out.

Whaley Bridge Under 11s v Hayfield (home) Sunday 28th April 2013

The new season started early for the under 11s, and it was a very cold Sunday morning at Horwich Park when Hayfield were the visitors. Things started well as George Holden took a wicket with his second ball, but that was the last dismissal for some time as the first pair advanced the score from 200 to 206. George claimed another victim, but the second pair powered to 221, whilst the 3rd pair added 13 and the fourth another 12. 246 is quite a good score at this level, and our boys were rather glad to get out of the bitterly cold wind. Opening pair David McCann and Craig Stephen relied on wides to push the score forward, but David was out twice so we were up against it on 194. Joe Kitchin and Zach Mason also took advantage of wides, but they both suffered two dismissals, and despite the first run of the innings off the bat to Zach, we were down to 183. Jared Wild smashed 4 and Zac Madden 2 as the score threatened to go positive, but they were both out once to drop us back to 180. George Holden top scored with 11, whilst Thomas Heyes added 1, and neither were out so we ended on 192. A heavy defeat, but we had a very young team on show and things should improve over the coming weeks.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Whaley Bridge u11's v Hayfield Home Tuesday 19th June 2012

Dark clouds and the usual damp conditions loomed over New Horwich Park, was this an ominous sign?
Hayfield, the visitors,  batted first and the opening pair made a blistering start and punished the opening bowling of Leon Shaw and Ed Webster with the batters gaining 29 runs.
Sam Johnson and Tom Crick bowled at the next pair of batters and slowed the run accumulation down, conceding 12 runs.
Will Weston and Alex Dickman tightened the screws further with some tight bowling, and Alex taking a wicket in his first over. The batting pair returned to the pavilion with 2 runs.
The last batting pair saw George Holden and Tom Crick bowl out the last overs. George finishing with 2 wicket maidens and a wicket in his last over, leaving him with 3 wickets for 4 runs off 3 overs. Tom Crick finished with a maiden over conceding 6 runs from his 3 overs. 
Whaley's usual tight fielding was below their normal par allowing 23 extras in wides, no balls and byes. Would this prove costly?
After the break Tom Crick and Alex Dickman made an impressive start to the Whaley innings loosing 1 wicket and returning with a nett of 20 runs, and Alex top scoring with 16 runs.
Will Weston and Leon Shaw were next to the crease, and kept the score on target losing 1 wicket and returning with a nett of 14 runs. 
Mikey Gilmour and Ed Webster were next pair to the wicket. Unfortunately, the wheels fell off and we lost 3 wickets and with a handful of extras returned with a loss of 12 runs. 
George Holden and Sam Johnson had the uphill challenge of scoring 27 runs to win the game. With some tight bowling and a return of the opening bowler for Hayfield runs were hard to come by. All credit to Sam and George who returned with 12 runs and wickets intact. 
 This left the Whaley boys 15 runs short of victory. 
Wickets lost and extras conceded were a big factor in this game, with 23 runs lost in extras and the 5 wickets costing a further 25 runs. The boys performed below their usual high standards and the five match winning streak came to an end.

Whaley Bridge U11's v Buxton Home Thursday 14th June  2012

Yes, the date at the top is correct, Thursday not Sunday. We have to play our games at all times of the week to try and avoid monsoon conditions. A new underwater form of the game is currently in development, in conjunction with Noah, where the players bat two by two, hurrah!
A usual cold, windswept summers evening greeted Buxton at New Horwich Park who had to battle the elements, as well as Whaley. 
Buxton had the privilege of batting first and Leon Shaw and Tom Crick opened the bowling for Whaley. Tom took a wicket in his first over and Leon bowled a maiden in his second over, ending the allotted overs for the first batting pair with a net score of 4 runs.
Ed Webster and Sam Johnson took up the attack next, with some excellent bowling from Ed bowling a maiden in his first over and taking a wicket in his second. He was well supported by Sam who only conceded  2 runs in his 2 overs, leaving this batting pair with a net score of 0.
Will Weston and George Holden came on next both taking a scalp in their first over, George finishing with a wicket maiden, and conceding few runs in their second overs, leaving this pair with a net score of -1.
As the last pair strode to the wicket 3 runs had been conceded. Excellent bowling from George Holden, Sam Johnson and Alex Dickman (who took a wicket in each of his two overs) reduced the score to 147 (net -3), an all round excellent bowling and fielding display, with 8 wickets taken in total.
Alex Dickman and Leon Shaw took up the Whaley reply after refreshments. Both batsmen were untroubled and each struck the boudary rope with a 4. At the end of their 4 overs they had both scored 6 runs and amassed 16 in total. This was a formidable start with the result looking to go the way of Whaley.
Tom Crick and Will Weston were next to the wicket, and both struck boundaries, Will going over the rope twice, pushing the total on by a further 22 runs. 
Mikey Gilmour and Ed Webster strode to the middle with a 41 run cushion. Both again struck boundairies with Ed going over twice and Mikey once. Unfortunately Ed was the first to lose his wicket looking for a third boundary. Despite this the pair notched up a further 12 runs. 
With the game all but won George Holden and Sam Johnson made their way to the wicket. They pushed the ball into the gaps and picked up several one's and two's. They tried this once too often and fell to a good piece of fielding from the Buxton team leaving Sam stranded. Nevertheless they returned to the pavillion with 9 runs in the bag and a grand total of 209, and a wining margin of 62 runs.
Well done again to the boys and another excellent team performance.

Sunday 27th May 2012 Whaley Bridge U11's v Birch Vale U11's Away

Go to the top of the class anyone who spotted the wrong date on last weeks match report, who knows where that came from. 
Anyway, on a positively glorious, sunny, Sunday morning, the troops met at the Jodrell Arms car park, well most of them did. After deducing which players would go straight to the ground, the remainder of the squad made the short trip to Birch Vale.
As we were the visitors we had the privilege of batting first on this lush wicket with faint markings, the umpire using the slope of the ground to get a vantage point of the crease.
First pair to the wicket were Josh Lomas and Alex Dickman. This pair batted superbly and put into practise some of the points brought up in training on Friday night. The running between the wicket was positive and determined and Alex bossed the bowling, stroking three balls to the boundary for 4, giving him an individual total and personal best so far this season of 17. He was ably supported by Josh who scored four runs. Importantly both players kept their wicket intact and with extras amassed 30 runs from their 4 overs, giving the team a great platform on which to build a formidable score.
Sam Johnson and Joe Lee were next to the wicket and had mixed fortunes at the wicket. Joe trying to take on the Kevin Pietersen unfortunately perished twice. This left the pair a little on the back foot and they emerged with a deficit of 2 runs. 
Ed Webster and Tom Crick were next to take up the challenge. Their excellent running between the wicket and excellent strokes saw them amass 14 runs off the bat. This was somewhat overshadowed by the 18 wides that were bowled leaving them a total of 32 runs from their allotted 4 overs. Tom scored 10 and Ed 4 runs but when you consider how many wides were bowled ( and you could not score runs off these deliveries) it just goes to show how well they batted. 
George Holden and Clem Preece were in next. George took strike in the first over and found the leg side bowling difficult to tuck away, scoring 1 run of the first six balls. A run feast ensued in the next three overs as the pair got to grips with the bowling. They scored 25 more runs off the next three overs with only 2 extras leaving them with a combined total of 28. George scored 21 with some lovely strokes through the off side and a wonderful late cut behind square on the off side. Clem dispatched one loose delivery for four on the leg side. 

It was impressive to see how the boys have improved with their running between the wicket, taking ones where they would have gazed at the ball in the past and pushing for the second and third run on many occasions, keep up the good work boys.
At the end of the innings the boys had amassed a formidable 98 runs for the loss of only 2 wickets leaving them on 238 (nett 88).
Buoyed by their fantastic batting performance Sam Johnson and Ed Webster opened the bowling for Whaley. Sam bowled a tight maiden in his first over and Ed returned with a wicket in his first over. Sam joined the party with a wicket in his second over and Ed gained another two wickets in his second over. This left the Birch Vale boys on -10 having lost 4 wickets, making their uphill task look like an assault on Everest.
Joe Lee and Alex Dickman took up the challenge next with Joe conceding a run in his first over and taking a wicket in his second over. Alex struggled with the swinging ball in his first over but bowled an impressive maiden in his second,leaving this Birch pair with a total of 1 run from their allotted 4 overs.
Josh Lomas and George Holden bowled at the next pair. Josh tried all the tricks of the trade to bamboozle the batsman bowling over the wicket, and then round the wicket and then back over the wicket and just to confuse the batsmen and umpire round the wicket again. The only thing he didn't try was under arm and backwards. He did, however, take a wicket in his second over. George bowled a tidy line from the other end conceding 1 wide in his first over and bowling a wicket maiden in his second. The batsmen left the field with the same score as when they arrived, 0. 
Clem bowled at the last pair with additional overs from Josh and the wicket machine, Ed. Clem conceded 4 runs off his 2 overs, and bowled a tidy line. Ed picked up another wicket in his last over leaving him with 4 for 13 of his three overs. 5 of these were overthrows after a run out attempt. 
On the whole the fielding was of a high standard, but the boys still need to work hard at their backing up in the field, but there are definite signs of progress. Tom Crick kept superbly behind the stumps and took a good catch as well. Sam Johnson had a busy time in the field taking 1 catch and throwing down the stumps for a run out as well. Joe lee also took a fine catch at mid on.
Birch Vale closed on 149 (-1) giving Whaley their biggest victory to date of a thumping 89 runs.
Well done boys and keep up the excellent work and progress, and don't get too complacent!. 

Sunday 20th May 2012 Whaley Bridge U11's v Hazel Grove U11's Home 

After the conclusive win the week before, spirits were high when Hazel Grove arrived at New Horwich park, on another chilly morning with sunny intervals. With the visitors fielding a couple of school friends form Whaley Bridge Primary School the Whaley boys were eager to get started. Clem Preece and Will Weston opened the bowling for Whaley against the first pair of batsmen for Hazel Grove. 5 runs were scored off the first two tight overs but 12 more were scored off the first pairs final two overs, leaving the visitors on 217. This was looking like it might be a high scoring game. Ed Webster and Josh Lomas were the next to bowl. Ed bowled a tight first over and Josh followed up with a wicket maiden, only a couple  more runs were scored in the next two overs. The Whaley attack had stemmed the flow of runs and returned a nett 0 runs for the pair. Leon Shaw and Alex Dickman were the next two bowlers into action,with Alex bowling the second wicket maiden of the game. Leon followed up with a wicket in his second over and the excellent fielding performance continued. George Holden bowled the last over to this batting pair and and made it the third wicket maiden of the Whaley attack. This batting pair ended their four overs with a nett score of -13, as the Whaley pressure started to take effect. The last batting pair strode to the wicket and Alex Dickman and George Holden kept up the excellent bowling display backed up by some fantastic fielding, with Will Weston plucking a catch out of thin air at point. Alex finished his last over with 2 more wickets and figures of 3 wickets for 2 runs off 3 overs. The Hazel Grove innings closed on 199.
With the knowledge that, provided we did not lose a wicket we would win the game, the  Whaley boys made a very cautious reply after the interval. All the pairs batted very well and we only lost 2 wickets in reply, with our innings closing on 214. Five players all top scored with 2 runs, but more importantly a 15 run win.
Well done boys 2 wins out of 2, and next up Birch Vale away.

Whaley Bridge U11's v Hawk Green away Sunday 13th May 2012

After the first game of the season had been called off due a water logged pitch, and the second game called off at the 11th hour (well 10.30pm actually) it was third time lucky away to Hawk Green. 
On a dry, albeit cool, windy day, the eager U11's squad met bright and early in the Jodrell car park for the short journey to Hawk Green. 
Being the visitors we took first knock and Mikey Gilmour and Will Weston strode to the wicket with purpose. They returned to the pavilion 4 overs later having nudged the score on by 6 runs despite losing a couple of wickets. Mikey played some lovely shots despatching one loose delivery for a 4, while Will encouraged a rash throw at the stumps to pick up 5 runs off one shot, thanks to 4 overthrows. It just goes to show how positive running between the wicket can put pressure on the fielders. 
Next pair to the wicket were Alex Dickman and Leon Shaw. This pair top scored for Whaley Bridge showing everyone how to run between the wicket, it would even put the first team to shame. They picked up 19 runs from their 24 deliveries, all in singles.
Tom Crick and Ed Webster were the next pair to the wicket. Again they batted very well returning with 18 runs from their allotted 4 overs. Again this pair batted very well not losing a wicket which makes all the difference. 
Last to take up the baton were George Holden and Sam Johnson. This pair also returned with a very credible 18 runs with a top score of 16 from George which included 3 balls despatched for four. This pair also ran very well between the wicket with Sam scampering some quick singles.
The innings closed on 263, having only lost 3 wickets overall!
All the boys batted very well and a huge improvement from last year, most notably the running between the wicket.
After a quick snack and and a liquid refreshment the boys took to the field with Mikey Gilmour wearing the gloves behind the sticks. 
Alex Dickman and Ed webster opened the bowling and both struck with wickets in their respective first overs, Alex ending with a wicket maiden. This excellent start put Whaley on the front foot as Alex notched up a maiden in his second over and Ed a double wicket maiden in his second over. With the addition of 1 wide this meant Hawk Green were already in deficit  by 19 runs.  
The next pair of Hawk Green batsmen faced the bowling of Leon Shaw and Tom Crick. They conceded 11 runs off their 4 overs and Tom struck with 1 wicket leaving this pair 6 runs to the good after their four overs of batting.
Will Weston and Sam Johnson took the attack to the incoming batsmen and returned with respectable figures conceding 16 runs for 1 wicket in their 4 overs. 
George Holden And Alex Dickman wrapped up the Hawk Green innings and both ended with figures of 3 overs 1 wicket for 2 runs. 
It was an excellent fielding performance all round with George Holden bagging 2 catches, the last one a two handed diving catch. The boys backed each other up excellently and encouraged each other throughout which was marvellous to see. 
The Hawk Green innings ended on 197 giving the Whaley boys a resounding first victory of the season.